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HBOT & Performance

Jay Campbell Oxygen: Overlooked and underutilized, Oxygen is the most important nutrient! We can live for weeks, even months without food, days without water yet only minutes without oxygen. While we all know this fact, the use and importance of oxygen as a nutrient seems to have slipped our consciousness. Maybe because we breath about 23,000x per […]


The Rate Limiting Compound? Although our brain makes up less than 2% of our body’s mass it consumes 20-25% of our body’s oxygen intake. Unlike other organs, the brain has no storage capacity for energy, therefore it requires a constant and consistent blood flow for delivery of oxygen, glucose and fatty acids for metabolism. 20-25% is an […]

Incorporating Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy into a Functional Medicine Practice

by Drs. Jason and Melissa Sonners Background: Humans have very few absolute requirements for life; food, water, and oxygen. Well, especially in this group of people, we understand that we can go weeks (even months) without food, but we can only live a few days without water ultimately only a few minutes without oxygen. Proper oxygen levels is […]