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Stroke Therapy

HBOT and Stroke Recovery In order to understand how and why hyperbaric oxygen (oxygen under pressure) can help a patient recovering from a stroke it helps to first understand how hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) works. If you have not read the blog post titled “HBOT: How Does It Work?” please refer to that before you […]

HBOT & Lyme Disease

HBOT and Lyme Disease Lyme disease, which is borrelia burgdorferi bacteria transmitted to humans through a tick bite, can have massive and debilitating effects. Some of these include fatigue, joint pain, muscle pain, meningitis, migraines, among many others. Unfortunately, the traditional treatments for Lyme are limited to basic antibiotic therapy. If caught quickly this is […]

How HBOT Works

HBOT: How Does It Work? Everyone knows we need oxygen for our survival. It is a critical nutrient for our cells in order to function and produce energy. So what is the difference between the air you and I we breathe, using medical grade green tank oxygen and using hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT)? The air […]