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Autism - A Functional Medicine Guidebook For Putting the Pieces Back Together Self-Care Simplified

Autism PA

Written by Dr. Jason Sonners, international speaker and author, this e-book presents the differences between traditional and functional medicine as well as a variety of options available to families.  Topics include toxicity’s impact on health, understanding inflammation and its effects on the brain and body, and proper testing and functional medicine labsDr. Sonners also covers various therapies by addressing the microbiome, food allergies and sensitivities, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, red light therapies and neurological support.

Self Care Simplified

Written by Dr. Melissa Sonners, this e–book focuses on her journey with neurological lyme and how she struggled through with three kids and a busy career. This experience radically shifted her thoughts about putting herself first and how she now embraces self-care and fits it into her busy routine. You can too!

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When it comes to healing injuries (including concussions and wounds) faster, increasing oxygen delivery to damaged tissues, blasting the body with nitric oxide for better blood flow, increasing the production of collagen, and even causing a natural release of your own stem cells, there is nothing as powerful as HBOT. I am blown away by the body of research on this impressive biohack, and now that it’s available for anyone to have in the comfort of their own home, I truly believe owning one of these is a “no-brainer” (pun intended!)

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Brian Johnson

I have been using HBOT for over 3 years now and have seen incredible results in my fitness performance and recovery time. I cannot recommend hyperbaric oxygen treatment enough! Anyone who is an athlete or simply looking for a natural way to maximize their performance should seriously consider incorporating HBOT into their regiment.

Happy Client

HBOT Therapy has literally changed my life and helped me manage conditions I had no idea HBOT could help treat. I am so happy I found Dr. Sonners and encourage everyone to learn more about HBOT. I wish I had known about Dr. Sonners years ago but am so thankful I can finally say I have my life back. Highly recommend!


I was introduced to Dr. Sonners and HBOT through a dear friend. What can I say that hasn’t been said about Dr. Sonners and his entire staff! HBOT has have helped me achieve results that I couldn’t find anywhere else. I highly recommend HBOT therapy to anyone who has thought about exploring holistic treatments options and alternatives. I hope more people find out about the benefits of HBOT therapy.

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