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HBOT USA is here to help make Hyperbaric Therapy Safe, Effective, Affordable and Easy to Implement into your practice.

Whether you are wanting to implement HBOT into you practice, learn more about the many benefits of hyperbaric therapy or simply refer your patients to a hyperbaric center, our goal is to provide you the content you are looking for.

We are also building a network of vetted, trusted, safe private clinics to help increase patient access to hyperbaric therapy.


What is the best equipment for my clinic?

We offer several options for your practice.

When choosing the right HBOT chambers for your practice, you’ll want to make the right decision. We’re here to help you and make sure your practice is set up for success.

Yes, hyperbarics yields wonderful results with children. In fact, research with children suffering from brain-injuries, learning and developmental delays, autism and genetic disorders shows positive results and great promise. Call us to learn more about HBOT therapy for your children. Our in-home chambers offer many of the same benefits as our office HBOT therapy chambers. Ask us which is a better fit for you and your family.

Different Chambers For Different Goals

Which one is right for your practice?

Like any other therapy or treatment a clinic offers, it is important to match the proper equipment to the clinic’s needs. Different types of chambers offer different types of benefits. Depending on your Clinic, your patient population, the types of conditions you treat and your goals with this therapy, there is an appropriate type of chamber for you.

It is our role to understand your goals and outcomes and match the proper type of equipment to match those needs.

Please contact us for more information and to schedule a call with Dr Jason Sonners .

Do you offer financing?

Call today to see what options we may have available.

Many businesses choose to pay for their equipment outright, however we realize this can be a challenge for some clinics. If financing or payment plans are required we have formulated relationships with a variety of institutions to help on that end.

Please schedule a call to discuss the different payment options you may have for your business.

HBOT USA Offers A Variety Of Support For Your Clinic

See what makes the most sense for your practice.

HBOT USA is here to support your needs as a growing business and methods for helping your transition run smoothly

  • Equipment 
  • Teamwork
  • Licensing
  • Training
  • Marketing
  • Certification
  • Business Development

There are many approved HBOT indications

The research speaks for itself.

Our goals is to help organize and share as much information about hyperbaric therapy as we can. 

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  • What is the best equipment for my clinic?

  • Do you offer financing?

  • What conditions does HBOT help with?

  • How do we seamlessly implement this technology into our current treatment model?

  • What are the appropriate protocols for different conditions?

  • How do we know we are utilizing this equipment safely and effectively?


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