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Relevant Hyperbaric training for you, your clinic and your technicians.

Currently there is gap in the education of hyperbaric facilities.
There are insurance based clinics and non insurance based clinics.
Insurance based clinics treat the 14 insurance based diagnosis.
Non insurance clinics treat the 150 other conditions.
Currently there is no formal training for non insurance dependent clinics….. until now.
We focus solely on the education, training and implementation of stand alone Hyperbaric clinics or implementation of hyperbaric into your current clinic.
We have been treating and building Hyperbarics for over 12 years and have partnered with numerous practices helping them to understand the science, communicate the need, learn effective treatment protocols and successful marketing strategies.
We know people need this therapy
We know people are looking for it.

HBOT has changed my San Antonio practice and my patients absolutely love it! It was the best decisions we’ve made and I couldn’t be happier. It’s been an amazing journey and we look forward to helping as many patients as possible with this amazing approach to wellness we’ve been introduced to.

HBOT has not only helped my clinic grow, but it has also allowed us to reach a wider array of patients that we would have never been able to work with had we not incorporated HBOT into our practice and arsenal. We are beyond thrilled to have found this training program and also as to how easy it was to implement immediately into our daily protocol. Very happy with our decision. Highly recommend this for any practice!


How to train people to deliver HBOT & How to run a successful clinic!