HBOT For Sports & Athletic Performance

Many of our patients see the benefits after just a few sessions of HBOT therapy. Today, we are seeing more and more patients who are looking for a natural approach to achieving maximized performance enhancement. Athletes and individuals from all walk of life are exploring all the benefits of HBOT. Whether you’re looking to treat a condition or you’re simply looking to enhance your performance, HBOT may be the answer you’ve been searching for.

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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) may serve to provide a means of therapy to facilitate a speedier resumption to pre-injury activity levels as well as improve the short and long term prognosis of the injury (Babler and Rhodes, “The Role of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Sports Medicine.” Sports Med. 2000).


Increasing the oxygen supply to a musculoskeletal system in the state of fatigue activates cellular activity, increases adenosine triphosphate (ATP) synthesis, and promotes the metabolism of fatigue substances. HBOT is considered as a method of promoting recovery from fatigue. (Ishii et al, “Hyperbaric Oxygen As An Adjuvent Athlete.” Sports Med. 2005″


The increased oxygenation allows for many health benefits, such as cell growth and regeneration, detoxification, immune support, new capillary growth, and improved neurological functioning.

Read Some Of Our Athlete Testimonials Below

HBOT Chambers were all over the NFL in 2010. The players said the oxygen treatments can speed recovery from injuries and keep them feeling fresh. “I get a little bounce to my step,” said Santana Moss, who also believes the practice also helps prevent injury. “It helps with soreness, it helps with injuries, it helps with everything.” the receiver said. “I recommend it.”

Bryan Robinson, Nose Tackle for the Arizona Cardinals, got the chamber to stop the “hurts” from nagging him. He tried it first after the 2002 season, when an ankle he hurt halfway through the year refused to heal. After his first 90 minute session in the oxygen bag, he said he felt better than he had in months Robinson’s whole family uses it. He calls it, “an investment in my career and beyond.”

“It works for me, it keeps me out if the training room, and that’s all I need it to do.”

Hines Ward told Pittsburgh reporters it was his “fountain of youth.” Ward credits the device for extending his career. “It’s really an investment for me, maximizing the potential I have left in my body.”

Gain The Advantage With HBOT:

  • Deliver oxygen to tissues up to 25 times normal levels
  • Stimulate the production of body stem cells
  • Boost immune system functions
  • Decrease swelling and inflammation
  • Help the body to clear toxins and increase the body’s ability to fight infection
  • Promote regeneration of injured tissues
  • Reduce fatigue from chronic inadequate oxygen supply to the cells and tissues of the body
  • Reduce jet lag related fatigue symptoms
  • Decrease ligament and tissue healing time
  • Successfully treat traumatic and ischemic brain injuries

Who would ever believe that something as natural and simple as the air we breathe (at an increased pressure level) could give our athletes the extra edge that is unavailable in pill or powder.

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The Power Of Oxygen

On average, an individual consumes about six pounds of oxygen every day, far outweighing any other nutrient demands. Although oxygen performs many roles in the body, its primary role is in the production of energy. Only 50% of our energy actually comes from fats and carbohydrates in our diet. Our cells must convert this energy in order for our bodies to make this stored energy usable. This happens when our cells convert this stored energy into molecules of ATP using; you guessed it…OXYGEN.

By Using HBOT chambers, we are able to dramatically increase the partial pressure of oxygen, which then dissolves the oxygen into the plasma and other waterborne fluids of the body. This is extremely significant because water and gases dissolved within it are able to cross the cells semi-permeable membrane via osmosis and diffusion. Since the human body is approximately 70% percent water and every cell literally bathes in water, we use the  HBOT chamber to deliver oxygen to every tissue in the body – Our bodies then do the rest!

Dr. Rossignol, medical doctor and hyperbaric specialist, equated an hour treatment in a hyperbaric chamber to taking 1400 mg of Motrin, without the toxic response. “You get increased oxygenation, decreased swelling, and decreased inflammation, all from one treatment.Dr. Rossignol commented. “If a drug did this, a pharmaceutical company would make quite a bit of money.” (D.A. Rossignol and T. Small/Medical Veritas3, 2006.)

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With its numerous centers throughout the country and the ability to ship anywhere in the USA, gaining access to HBOT is easier than ever before. HBOT at-home oxygen treatment is accessible to everyone. Call us to learn more or to schedule a consultation and see if HBOT can help you or a loved one.


When it comes to healing injuries (including concussions and wounds) faster, increasing oxygen delivery to damaged tissues, blasting the body with nitric oxide for better blood flow, increasing the production of collagen, and even causing a natural release of your own stem cells, there is nothing as powerful as HBOT. I am blown away by the body of research on this impressive biohack, and now that it’s available for anyone to have in the comfort of their own home, I truly believe owning one of these is a “no-brainer” (pun intended!)

Ben Greenfield Fitness

Whenever I am feeling run down or suffering from soft tissue pains and strains, I use HBOT to lower inflammation, recover and heal. I highly recommend HBOT to anyone who’s an athlete looking to enhance their performance and their recovery. HBOT benefits athletes and also non-athletes alike. The studies and research are absolutely mind boggling. This is truly life changing for anyone who incorporates it into their lives.

Jay Campbell

I’ve personally seen with my own eyes the benefits HBOT therapy offers patients and athletes from all walks of life. Whether you’re looking for a better solution to treating an underlying condition or you’re simply looking to enhance your life performance, HBOT has something for everyone. I truly believe this is the wave of the future when it comes to health.

Dick Rutkowski

John John Florence

Professional Surfer. 2x World Champion. 2021 Olympic Athlete.

“I really enjoy the hours I spend in the HBOT chamber. It gives me time. Time to slow down, visualize, relax, while also getting great healing benefits. I find that the chamber really helps with speeding up the recovery process as well as raising my HRV and other useful metrics.”
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In Addition To Performance HBOT May Also Help Patients With…

Diabetes, low energy, lyme disease, cerebral palsy, head injuries, chronic fatigue, brain injuries, multiple sclerosis, ALS, anemia, wound and scar healing, post stroke care, post surgical care and healing, improved performance, autism, dementia and bells palsy to name a few. See all the conditions here. We offer in-home therapy chambers. Call to find a location near you.




    HBOT work VERY well for both performance as well as recovery. HBOT should be used within about 4-6 at most before and event if you are looking for specific performance enhancement. The closer to session is to the event, the more improvements will be seen. More importantly HBOT used on a regular basis in between events and post practices/training sessions as a recovery tool will speed healing, speed tissue repair, and decrease recovery time. If you are recovering faster and more efficiently you can also expect performance to unimproved dramatically!


    Insurance will not cover HBOT sessions used for off label use including performance, recovery and wellness.


    Depending on your needs and performance goals, depending on the number of sessions you plan to use, the frequency you may need to improve your health and of course your budget all need to be considered when trying to choose the best route to go. For most people looking for overall wellness and recovery the soft chamber pressures are enough and home use can certainly be an option.


    Most people, even health people using HBOT for wellness and recovery should plan a minimum of 20 hours of therapy over a 3-4 week timeframe in 60-90 minute increments as an initial protocol and then move more into a maintenance protocol from there. Depending on your goals that can range dramatically from 2-4 hours per week (in season) to once or twice a month.

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