Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Erb’s Palsy

Erb’s palsy is a crippling birth condition that occurs in a high percentage of infants. If you or someone you know needs a treatment option for their child in or around the area of Morris County, New Jersey, HBOT USA is a clinic that can help.

HBOT USA has been approved by the FDA to provide holistic care as well as hyperbaric oxygen therapy for Erb’s Palsy treatment in infants. 

The importance of oxygen to the human body as a whole is the driving force for this treatment. Our cells rely primarily on oxygen as their energy source.

When inhaling air, the lungs separate the oxygen and allow it to be absorbed by the red blood cells. The circulating blood then carries this to the rest of the body.

Mitochondria in our cells transform oxygen into energy, which in turn powers our body’s many tasks, including repair and immunity.

Injuries involving nerve damage or nerve blockages can often take a very long time to recover since our bodies can’t perform as well when they don’t get enough oxygen.

Lack of oxygen plays a major role in the development of neuropathic disorders. By increasing oxygen levels in the blood, hyperbaric oxygen therapy speeds up the body’s natural recovery process and helps repair damaged nerves.

Let’s examine the illness and the role that oxygen plays in treating it to have a better grasp on how hyperbaric oxygen therapy for Erb’s palsy works.