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A Holistic Approach To Healthcare

A holistic approach to health care for you and your family. Dr. Jason Sonners has helped thousands of patients treat and alleviate a wide range of debilitating conditions. Using HBOT therapy, Dr. Jason Sonners has introduced a holistic approach to patients who have tried everything available to them. Many of these patients end up without any positive results and oftentimes are left with negative side effects.

Our Team

We are a team of holistic practitioners who believe in natural results without negative side effects.

You’re More Than Just A Patient

A Team Who Cares

Dr. Jason Sonners, DC, DIBAK, DCBCN

Dr. Jason Sonners graduated summa cum laude from New York Chiropractic College (NYCC). While attending NYCC, he also had extensive training in Active Release Technique, Applied Kinesiology, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Exercise Rehabilitation, Nutrition, and Injury Prevention.

Always striving to integrate new knowledge and practical experience, Dr. Sonners has earned his Diplomate of the Chiropractic Board of Clinical Nutrition (DCBCN) and his Diplomate of the International Board of Applied Kinesiology (DIBAK). He is one of only 250 professionals in the world with this distinction.

Dr. Sonners now combines his knowledge to create comprehensive programs for patients to help them achieve their health goals. He treats patients with a variety of autoimmune and neurological conditions, allergies, autism, cancer and many others.  He combines Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Nutrition, Exercise, Detoxification programs and much more to help naturally support patients and guide them through their health challenges.

HBOT USA cares about each and every customer we service because we know you’re much more than just a patient. Making a difference and helping as many people as we can is the reason we brought HBOT USA to the market place and in your home.

HBOT Treats Numerous Conditions

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HBOT Has Been Shown To:

  • Assist healing by raising tissue oxygen levels to normal in areas where they are reduced through illness or injury
  • Encourage new blood vessels to grow and carry additional blood
  • Increase the ability of the body’s defense mechanisms to fight infection and kill bacteria
  • Help reduce any swelling that may occur around the area.
Dedicated team

Dedicated team

of holistic professionals

You can rest assured every one of our staff members is committed to your health and is here to help guide you every step of the way. Our in-home systems are easy to use, efficient and treat numerous conditions and side-effects that come with other forms of therapy.

50+ Years

50+ Years

of combined professional experience

Our team has worked with thousands of patients looking for a better way. With HBOT in-home therapy, now you can get all the amazing benefits of HBOT oxygen therapy without leaving your home. HBOT has been show to improve numerous conditions ranging from cancer to diabetes.

HBOT Therapy Benefits

HBOT Therapy Benefits

HBOT Therapy Can Improve Your Life

There are now over 120 reported conditions for which hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been shown to be effective and beneficial according to numerous published medical studies. Call to learn more about what HBOT can do for you or a loved one.

In-Home Therapy

In-Home Therapy

Pure Oxygen In The Comfort Of Your Home

Helps treat diabetes, low energy, lyme disease, cerebral palsy, head injuries, chronic fatigue, brain injuries, multiple sclerosis, ALS, anemia, wound and scar healing, post stroke care, improved performance, autism, dementia bells palsy and more.

Safe For Everyone

Safe For Everyone

From Children To The Elderly

HBOT is safe for everyone. In fact, HBOT yields wonderful results on both children and elderly patients. Research with children suffering from brain-injuries and genetic disorders shows positive results and great promise. Call to learn more.

Learn What HBOT Can Do For You

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Speak to one of our trained HBOT consultants today and benefit from pure oxygen therapy right in the comfort of your own home. We look forward to answering any of your questions.

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